Samsara exhibition by Bhavyo

Short with and for Bhavyo featuring his recent exhibition titled Samsara.

These paintings were part of a joint exhibition titled “Samsara – Passing Through” by Bhavya and Bhavyo, a pair of twins.

February 24 – March 10, 2024

Pavilion of Tibetan Culture, Auroville, India

Six years ago my path in life began to intertwine with the Himalayas. My wish to paint brought me to mountains that were too much to see, my eyes were everywhere and nowhere all at once. Eyes closed I began to paint its silhouette.
The mountains carry a silence that I wish to bring back with me. Through ink and paper, I attempt to bring this silence forth and share with you the beauty of a single line that perhaps has captured something of the great Himalayas within it.


directed & edited by Christoph
cinematography: Nefertiti
music: Ryuichi Sakamoto Trio
“Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” (1996)